The SOMA Justice Postsecondary Education MAC Scholarship is designed to help MAC Scholars as they pursue their educational ambitions. 


SOMA JUSTICE Postsecondary Education MAC Scholarship Sponsorship Levels

*$1000 - Legacy Creator
 There is often a small but challenging gap between tuition costs and financial aid packages. A gift at this level can help students and families close this gap.

*$500 - Culture Preserver 

Transportation poses another financial challenge to incoming college students. Whether it’s flights to and from their new university or commuting fees, a gift at this level will help ensure that students can get where they need to be.

$250 - Future Builder

Even in this digital age, many professors continue to require students to purchase expensive books for their courses. A gift at this level will help defray these cumbersome costs.

$100 - Supporter 

 Help provide some of the comforts of home! As students plan to move into their new dorms and housing, many struggle to afford the new bedding and decor that will help them feel at home in their new space. Become a supporter at this level and enable a student to create a home away from home.

*donors at these levels receive stand alone social media shoutouts and event shoutouts

All the above donor levels receive their name on one of the MAC Wall of Supporter Bricks in the MAC Lab at Columbia High School and social media love!